01. The people remained [loyal] to the King, and refused to fight against him.
02. Why should I be [loyal] to a company that pays me the lowest wage possible?
03. Carolyn remained [loyal] to her husband even after he cheated on her, and she refused to consider a divorce.
04. Kirsten has always been a [loyal] friend, and would never do anything to hurt me.
05. During the American revolution, many of those people who stayed [loyal] to England fled to Canada, which was still under British rule.
06. With public support for the party at an all-time low, even those who had been most [loyal] to their leader are now suggesting he should be replaced before the next election.
07. I prefer dogs to cats because dogs are much more [loyal] to their owners than cats. Cats don't seem to care too much about their owners, as long as they are fed.
08. The use of force occurs more frequently in societies where [loyalty] to the state is fragile.
09. Hillary Clinton stood [loyally] behind her husband, President Bill Clinton, during his worst scandal.
10. The Queen rewarded the people for their [loyalty] by reducing their taxes.
11. James Madison once said that equal laws protecting equal rights are the best guarantee of [loyalty] and love of country.
12. There is an Irish proverb which states that the best way to keep [loyalty] in a man's heart is to keep money in his purse.
13. Coyotes are extremely [loyal] to their mates, and have been known to stay with a trapped mate until death.
14. One of the most important values in Iraqi society is family [loyalty].
15. Sacrifice and [loyalty] to family are a Vietnamese tradition.
16. In the past, many Nigerians were said to hold more [loyalty] for their ethnic group or place of birth than for their new nation.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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